How I Work

No two businesses, people or projects are the same. Here's an example of how a project typically progresses as we work together to build your website or web application.


I send you a project outline and a contract for approval

Detailed Brief

I produce a detailed brief which we refine together


I build a simple online prototype of the project

Main Build

Once approved, the main design and build begins


The final testing and snagging is completed


Your website or web application is launched

Why Choose Me


I've been building websites since browsers were created in the early 1990s

Unique Skills

I've a broad skill set learned at the sharp end from running my own businesses

Peace Of Mind

I'm fully insured and provide you with detailed recovery plans


I'll provide you with an easy to read, no nonsense contract and simple payment terms


I have several long-term clients going back over 8 years


I treat your data and your customers data with the security it deserves


I maintain at least 3 backups of your website and data (including off-site backups)

Up To Date

I use up-to-date software and frameworks to build your website

I'm currently available for projects starting in: April 2021
Minimum project pricing is: £750


After studying at Salford University, I moved to Aberdeen for a weekend of work and ended up staying here for 18 years!

I spent 5 years working on the successful ecommerce website djstore.com which inspired me to start my own ecommerce business. Recently I've been freelance, and I’ve worked with various clients, most notably kiltmakers.co.uk, who I've been with for over 7 years.

I’m passionate about the web and technology in general. I get huge job satisfaction from creating websites that save my clients time and money over and over again.

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